01 The Blitz

THE BLITZ is a fellowship event for our Student Ministry at FBC Main Bldg. We’ll divide up into teams to play flag football, basketball, and volleyball. Each team will get to play all 3 sports at least once plus a water break on a 20 minute rotation basis. At 5PM, we’ll head to the Youth Game Room for food, drinks, and hang out until 7PM.

02 Camp Reveal

We will reveal where we are going to summer camp at the end of Crosswalk on Wednesday, October 18. All info/handouts will be posted HERE.

03 New Series

Have you ever turned on the news only to wish you hadn’t? Or answered a phone call only to wish you could un-hear the news on the other end? Whether it’s a global disaster, a school shooting, our parents’ divorce, or the death of a friend, there’s nothing fun about tragedy. It can make us feel like we’re walking around in total darkness—where nothing seems quite right and there are more questions than answers. What do we say? What do we do? What happens next? And, how long will it take before things go back to normal? At some point, we‘ll all find ourselves in or around a tragedy, but being there doesn’t mean we have to stay there. There’s a way through the darkness to the other side, to healing—and we’ll get there by trusting the One who is leading us.
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